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Backbone Associations

Backbone plugin to specify 1:1 & 1:N associations between Backbone Models.
Navigate object hierarchies with a simple path notation.
Tune-in to changes in the object hierarchy with standard Backbone events - change, add, remove and others.

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Fast & lightweight

Tiny - Only 3.6kb gzipped and minified. Simple implementation which delegates as much to Backbone framework methods. Has a low memory footprint and is significantly faster...

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à la Backbone eventing

Backbone-Associations only changes the event name (of standard Backbone events) to a fully qualified event name. Beyond that, the regular Backbone events, their arguments and the change-related methods should continue to work as usual...

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Low learning curve

Specify associations between Backbone Models. Instantiate application object hierarchies and dependent objects (like views and possibly other models) are ready to listen to changes with familiar Backbone events API...

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