Backbone Eye

Understand Backbone application behavior without debugging JavaScript

Application layer debugging

Understand Backbone application behavior without wading through JavaScript code. Backbone Eye is production-site friendly and can work off uglified and minified Javascript without needing any source maps.

Work with application constructs

Backbone Eye presents application specific models and views to introspect. Models show only application specific properties and shield away internal Backbone framework details. Search for models having certain attribute values, pin interesting models or use most-used models list to dig deeper.

Encourages "What-if" exploration

Change an application model attribute and see the impact of the change throughout the application in a graphical fashion. Or drill down to details about past state and operation arguments.

Detect Zombies

Backbone Eye attempts to detect models and views which are used by the application - even after they have been destroyed. Leverage the model interaction trails and journals to piece together what may have triggered this behavior.

Understand event-callback entropy

Visualize how Backbone Model (and Collection) updates may lead to redundant calls (multiple render calls to the same view as a result of an update). Develop insights into application flow to minimize (or remove) redundant callbacks and thereby improve application performance.

Debug templates

Backbone Eye makes underscore templates a debuggable unit. Put breakpoints in template code. At runtime, inspect model data being passed to the template, step through template code and observe template output being incrementally built.

Code licensed under Simplified BSD